Presentation of the estate

At the historical borders of Touraine and Anjou, the Nau family has been producing wines for four generations. Today the “Domaine Nau Frères” operates twenty hectares of vineyards, a property consisting of different plots, all located on the different hillsides of the right bank of the Loire.We are here in the AOC (AOC ) Bourgueil, a vineyard of one thousand four hundred hectares planted with Cabernet Franc grape variety (or “Breton”). At Domaine Nau Frères the vines are worked in sustainable agriculture, exclusively harvested by hand before a complete de-stemming, vinification and aging in our cellar. .We produce different cuvées (red and rosé) coming mainly from two different soils: “sand-gravel” that offer soft, fruity, fragrant wines that can be tasted without delay: “grape wines” or “wines spring. “Soils” clay-limestone “that allow to obtain tannic wines more tannic, more robust that can be kept moreieu rs (or very many) years.



The plots

Les blottières

plot on 3 floors above our clay-limestone barns

La perrée

the tasting room and the cellar

Les brunetières

clay-limestone-siliceous soil in hillsides on tufas from which our vintage comes from the old vines

Le bourg

Les varennes

clay -limonous soils on hillsides from which our cuvée the grisottiers