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This rosé of cabernet franc is the result of a vinification really different of our red wines. Here the contact between the juice and the skin of grapes is voluntarily limited to a few hours, one night  – hence its salmon freshness, its lightness, its dry and tender character at the same time.

Wine of thirst, nap and pleasure. To discover in a year following its harvest.



Vines of cabernet franc, average age of 20.

They are located in the edge of secular chestnut on loamy-clayey sands in hillside.

Grapes are (as always at the estate) manual harvesting, 100% destemmed. Vatting of a dozen days at controlled temperature. Drop juice.

Ruby colour associate to purple highlights. Sharp and scented nose with red and fresh fruits, mouth in tune, fresh, elegant treat of light tannins. Wide harmonic range – until the oriental-Asian fragrances.



Vines of cabernet franc about 30 years old on average. Plots on cley and stones hillside. North-Soutg orientations.

Manual harvests exclusively. Vatting of two weeks. Drop juice. Bottled after Easter.

Lively and generous ruby. Bouquet of grapes and red fruits. Tasty mouth with harmonious tannins.




Vines of cabernet franc are between 35 and 70 years old. Plots of siliceous chalky-cleyey soils – in hillside on tuffs. North-South orientation.

Manual harvests exclusively. Total destemming. Vatting of three weeks. Drop juice.

Intense garnet. Red and black fruits stewed with spicy notes. Bold ans robust wine with ripe and fine tannins. Ample, fresh and fruity. Keeping insured.



This is the new cuvée of our estate. This wine comes from an exceptional terrace locates on heights of Les Blottières.

Orange-yellow clay with a friable limestone. Rows of ceps vignes oriented north/south. Plot entirely planted of cabernet franc grafted on Riparia Gloire of Montpellier (to achieve a greater concentration in finesse. Manual harvests.

Only the 2014 is available today. Power and distinction. A quintessence of Ingrandes terraces. Plenitude expected from 2020.



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